SMD Video Wall


The video wall is a multi-monitor suite. This electronic display configuration consists of a TV, a projector and a computer monitor combined in one system to create a large screen that supports the functions of all three components.

The display of all components is combined to form a video wall. They are essentially rear-projection display cubes that are joined together in large numbers to form a large video wall display.

These cubes are connected together to display a single image and to help control the quality of the image and its pixels. In addition, other software tools are integrated into the SMD LED video walls with these cubes to ensure their operation and control.

Unlike a projector or TV that only displays images, a video wall can display multiple images simultaneously, can be scaled and scrolled, and can be programmed to perform certain actions such as auto-scrolling.

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SMD video wall display, the video wall is made possible by the use of LEDs, and SMD LED is the latest improvement introduced in it to provide an even better quality and user experience. Video walls and video wall displays, consisting of huge displays, are often used in control rooms. They can be found in stock exchanges, news broadcasters, and other high-tech corporations.

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